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Air Technical Services has years of experience in inspecting and testing all types of fire dampers, smoke dampers, and fire/smoke dampers. Fire and smoke dampers play a
critical role in your life safety system.

Dampers need to be in proper working order to ensure that they will close properly in the case of a fire. This will prevent the spread of smoke and/or fire throughout your facility. Malfunctioning smoke and fire dampers are a safety issue for your facility as well as costing you money.

When a damper fails to open after a test of the alarm system, the air flow and balance in your facility is altered dramatically. This can cause irregular air balance; it can also redirect air flow in the HVAC system temperature stability. NFPA Code requires that all fire dampers, smoke dampers and combination fire/smoke dampers, be inspected within 1 year of installation. After the first inspection, dampers are only required to be inspected every 4 years, while hospitals are required to have fire and smoke damper inspections completed every 6 years.

Any repairs are to be made immediately following the completion of the entire inspection.