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The Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to restore and preserve HVAC equipment. Package Units, Split Systems, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Pumps, Boilers and Air Handling Unit breakdown, can be a very costly repair for any company. With an established Preventative Maintenance Program, we are able to maintain, replace or repair the equipment. Proper maintenance is the key to equipment longevity.

Air Technical Services, Inc. works with all of our customers to prepare a custom program that will meet all their HVAC service needs.

Services include:

  • Replace Fan Belts (Once a Year)
  • Adjust Airflow
  • Replace Filters up to (4) times per year
  • Clean Condensate Drain Pans
  • Chemically Clean Condenser Coils (1) time per year
  • Cooling System Start-Up Test
  • Safety Controls Measure
  • System Pressure and Temperature Record
  • Motor Amperage
  • Heating System Start-Up
  • Adjust Fresh Air Dampers
  • Program Thermostats
  • Check Blower Assembly
  • Lubricate All Moving Parts Where Necessary
  • Monitor, Analyze, and Communicate System Performance
  • Service Work Performed by Competent Personnel
  • Client Confidentiality Maintained

    *services subject to change for applicable equipment